Stay up on regular maintenance for your clocks

A regular maintenance schedule can help your clock function properly for many years to come. Minor clock repairs cost less than major repairs, so it's worth it to get your clock checked periodically. Ask our expert how often would be best for your clock. He can provide both scheduled and regular maintenance services for your antique clocks.

Clock maintenance tips to keep your clock ticking:

  • Lubricate mechanical clocks with synthetic oil every 5 years
  • Care for your case
  • Apply orange oil before you turn heat on in the winter
  • Sunlight can fade wood - avoid direct sunlight
  • The less dust in your house, the longer your clock will last.

Convenient clock service is available right in your area!

Ye Olde Clock Shoppe's repairman is committed to providing customers superior clock services at your convenience. That is why the store is now serving Baltimore County, MD in addition to the area surrounding our New Freedom, PA location.

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About uS

Owner Jeff Jeffery became a Certified Clockmaker through the American Watchmakers Institute in 1981. Over the next 36 years he has repaired more than 19,000 clocks, as well as many music boxes, mechanical toys and even a few animated window display units. With a love of the stories and fascinating history in many of the pieces that come in to the shop, Jeff puts a level of care and expertise into his work that is unmatched. Bring your treasured heirlooms and antiques in today and trust that they will be handled with the care and respect they deserve.

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